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Astrophotography - Guest Contributions

I would like to thank Dr. Robert Gendler for allowing me to post his topics regarding the use of PhotoShop as well as some advanced image processing techniques for astrophotography.

Dr. Gendler's images shows just what mosaics can do. Using Adobe PhotoShop, he demonstrates the technique of mosaic. What this does essentially is create a much larger single image from a small camera by combining a variety of images taken of the entire object.

I have converted two of his mosaics articles into .pdf format. The original HTML form is available from his website.

Creating Mosaics using PhotoShop
High Resolution Mosaic and Composite Images using PhotoShop

In addition to mosaics, Dr. Gendler has written three additional articles that demonstrates color imaging techniques using Hydrogen-Alpha and LRGB filtered images.

Color Imaging of Nebulas using Hydrogen-Alpha Data
Color CCD Imaging with Luminance Layering
Multiple Luminance Layering (LLRGB) using PhotoShop

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