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It's the Astronomy Online non-Blog, or un-Blog.

Everyone has a blog now and since I am no follower of trends, I decided to merge the blog with the website. And I don't want to neglect the website in favor of posting on the blog.

These are the pages that were on the blog of old:

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This the index for the AO non-Blog:

Below are a list of articles that appeared on the original blog - in decending order by entry date. Some of the more trite entries are not listed below (things like "Website down").


World Wide Telescope - Windows Only Second Site Image Gallery
Astrocast TV SBIG Hall of Fame
2007 - A Great Year for Astronomy What's NASA Up To?


September 2007 News Serious Changes to the website
Changes to the Website Extended Groth Strip - 50,000 Galaxies
Hubble Sees 'Comet Galaxy' Being Ripped Apart by Galaxy Cluster Hubble Monitors Jupiter in Support of the New Horizons Flyby
Hubble Captures Earliest Stages of Planet Formation Hubble Detects Layered Atmosphere of Exoplanet
Astrophotography with Consumer Grade Cameras Hubble Spies Young Stars in NGC 602
McNaught Captures McNaught Comet McNaught Graces the Evening Sky - Rapidly

2006 and Earlier

Happy Holidays - a Christmas Tree of sorts A Solar Update
Evidence of Water Flows on Mars Detection of a Magnetic Field around Tau Bootis
Possible Image of a Black Hole An Inconvenient Truth
Mars Global Surveyor is Silent Mercury Transit Image Update
Mercury Transit Imaging a Success Imaging the Sun using a Coronado P.S.T and a Meade LPI
Pacifica by Moonlight The Heat is On
Astronomy Magazine Image of the Day The Mars Mission - Update on the MER’s
Transit of Mercury - November 8, 2006 Einstein’s General Relativity Passes Another Test
New Solar Mission Brightens Research Pluto and the Formation of its Moons
A Strong Case for Dark Matter Aging White Dwarfs, Smallest Stars Found in Cluster
So is Neptune a Planet? An 8 Planet Solar System - Pluto a Dwarf Planet
12 Planets in our Solar System? Perhaps… The Internet is not all bad, right?
By the Light of a Thousand Stars Chandra and the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Help Constrain the Age of the Universe
Lakefront Property on Titan SOFIA Saved
Introducing the New Astronomy Online Logo Astronomy Online recognized by Science Magazine’s Netwatch
Good News for the Yerkes Observatory Space Law - Can land be owned on the Moon or Mars?
Hubble Turns 16 - And More About M82 Hubble’s Largest Galaxy Portrait Offers a New High-Definition View
The Target List Venus Express has Arrived
The Justification The Project Begins
Astrophotography Project Titan Revisited
Spitzer Telescope used to directly detect exoplanets Rocky Planet Discovered by Microlensing
My thoughts on Intelligent Design  


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