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Cosmology - Galaxy Clusters - Super-Clusters

While we learned that galaxies are members of cluster, we now realize that clusters of galaxies are members of superclusters.

Superclusters are very large and very massive:

  • Distribution from 10 to 100 Mpc
  • Mass around 100,000,000,000,000,000 times the Sun (I would use scientific notation here, but the un-edited number is more dramatic!)

The distribution is believed to be assisted by dark matter. Just recently, astronomers from Australian and United Kingdom performed the 2dFGRS (2 degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey) which mapped 106,688 galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere. This survey demonstrated the distribution of superclusters:

Our Local Group is also a part of a supercluster.

Both images are from the Swinburne Astronomy Online presentation: Exploring the Galaxies and Cosmos.

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