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It's the Astronomy Online non-Blog, or un-Blog.

Everyone has a blog now and since I am no follower of trends, I decided to merge the blog with the website. And I don't want to neglect the website in favor of posting on the blog.

These are the pages that were on the blog of old:

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Google Maps - Mars
Google Maps - Moon
HiRISE - MRO Imaging
Mac Singularity
Slackerpedia Galactica
Software for the Mac
Starry Night Online
Venus Maps

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SOHO Live:

This page is dedicated to live images from the SOHO spacecraft.

The EIT images are of the Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope - in four different wavelengths. The purpose of the EIT is to study the inner corona and solar transition layer. The LASCO is the Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph which is aimed at the study of the corona. Many amateur comet hunters routinely examine the LASCO images with the hope of discovering a comet. There have been over 1200 comets discovered using this method. Real-time static images can be found at the SOHO real-time update page.

EIT 304


EIT 284


EIT 195


EIT 171





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