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What is science essay

By Brad Peterson

Suppose you come across an essay topic that sounds like "what is..." you are almost certainly dealing with a descriptive essay. The purpose of such an essay is a detailed and comprehensive description of some object, place, emotion, feeling, or abstract concept. Students are often given such assignments to develop their word selection skills. They test your creative skills with which you would fully convey the essence of some concept. This article will highlight some useful hints on how to write a descriptive essay about science.

What is a descriptive essay, and what is its purpose?
A descriptive essay implies a vivid and comprehensive description of some subject or phenomenon. Qualitatively written descriptive essays are like newspaper articles or research papers. If you have a choice of descriptive essay topics, experts recommend choosing one that deals specifically with abstract meanings, something you can't see or touch but know it's there.

Readers of a descriptive essay should experience a deep understanding of the topic. The author needs to achieve an effect where every reader has a concrete understanding of the subject matter of your topic at the end of the reading. For writers, the experience of writing a descriptive essay also brings benefits. It teaches you to immerse yourself in the topic, research and filter different facts, and increases your vocabulary and creative thinking.

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Best tips on how to write a descriptive essay
Any essay must be properly organized to ensure readability, and the descriptive essay is no exception. The main features of this type of essay are the presence of a lot of detail and sensory speech that relies more on facts than opinions. Below we have highlighted step-by-step tips on how to write a descriptive essay.

  • Selecting a specific topic - Before you start writing an essay, you must decide its purpose. What exactly do you want to convey to people about science? You may think it is an unnecessary activity, or on the contrary, it should be a priority and get more attention. Formulate your main point in the thesis statement
  • Gather information - Details are a very important part of every descriptive essay. It should concentrate on known names, dates, research, statistics, background information, etc. Start collecting information only from reliable sources. This data should support your thought and be convincing enough for the reader. To make it easier for you to manage the data you collect, you can divide it into categories in your notes. This way, you will gradually tap into all the information you've gathered without missing anything
  • Do an outline - The structure of a descriptive essay will look better if you divide it into five paragraphs, as three may not be enough to disclose the topic fully. Divide your descriptive paragraphs into three subcategories of the main paragraph. This will serve as your outline
  • Write an introductory paragraph - The introductory paragraph should serve as a guide for other essay writing. Get your readers' attention with a rhetorical question or a bold statement. After that, take time for the overall context and questions that your essay will answer. And only at the end of the introduction should the thesis statement
  • Write the main paragraphs - Each sub-paragraph of the main paragraph should begin so that readers can instantly understand what your essay is going to be about. Be concise, and don't overload your readers with much information. It is very good to use examples since our brain learns information better
  • Conclude in the final paragraph - a conclusion is needed to reinforce and reiterate your key ideas. You can't introduce new information in the conclusion. You need to repeat the old information, just in different words
  • Pay attention to tone and speech - your main task is to describe the concept of science as well as possible. So it would help if you chose the right tone and words to describe it more deeply. Pick good associations with the word and try to stick to the same style of description
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