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Coming Events - Current Solar Data:

This calendar has been replaced with links to other calendars. The calendar that was here displayed more common events, like Moon phases and meteor showers - and was limited to how much information could be provided at one time. For upcoming astronomical events, two places you must visit are:

  • Heavens Above - online ephemeris for man-made satellites
  • CalSKY - online ephemeris for just about everything: meteors, satellites, occultation, eclipses and more

These provide much more detailed events specific to your location. Of the two, CalSKY is the more thorough. There are also a few places that provide an on-line sky chart based on your location:

  • Your Sky - a Java based interactive planetarium
  • Starry Night Online - in its beta stage, this online planetarium is from the makers of the popular Starry Night application
  • Night Sky Info - weekly information about the night sky and articles on selected astronomical topics

For meteor shower information, the best place is the Meteor Shower Calendar.

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Current Images: 

Latest Solar


Latest Lunar


Latest Solar


Night Sky

Visit the new SOHO live image page.

Another valuable resource is the Clear Sky Clock. Based out of Canada, this site uses data from thousands of weather stations to compile a forecast of weather for the next few days in your area. I live in Pacifica, so here is my Clear Sky Clock:


Here is a clear sky view from Arizona:

Calendar Information

Lunar Eclipse information

moon phases
Solar Eclipse information

Viewing Tips

SOHO Real-time Update

Jupiter and the four Galilean moons

Additional Information - Space Weather, all of the Solar Data you can handle!

Farside MDI

Proton Monitor

Auroral Oval

Extreme UV

ACE 24 hour Forcast

Aurora Visibility

Solar Radio Burst Locator - Last 2 hours

Solar Radio Burst Locator - Last 24 hours

Kiruna Pulsations

Solar Cycle Ap-Index Progression

Sunspot Number Progression / Prediction

4-Map Wang-Sheeley

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