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Astrobiology - Additional Resources
There are some really wonderful Internet resources for SETI and other radio related Astronomy for amateurs.
The American Association of Variable Star Observers has some radio related projects.
Daniel B. Fox has a very impressive amateur SETI radio project.
The largest group of amateur radio SETI projects is the SETI League
Need some radio supplies for your radio project? The Radio Astronomy Supply store is your bet - the only place I have found to sell amateur astronomer radio gear.
For SETI news, how about the official SETI project.
Some scientists from U.C. Santa Cruz are using the Lick Observatory Nickel Telescope for an Optical SETI project.
The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers also engage in some SETI projects.
The greatest SETI project ever? In my opinion it is the Voyager missions. Remember the golden record?
Astrobiology References:

A nice summary of life on Earth can be found at

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