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This website is original intellectual and artistic work by me. Guest contributions and a few entries have been written by others and are identified. Such material CANNOT be copied or used.

My material is protected by Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License v3.0, which allows you to copy, distribute, transmit and re-write the material. Attribution is required and the material cannot be used for profit. Any revisions made can be freely distributed as you see fit, but my parts must be attributed. If you do use or re-write my material for any reason, I request I be given a copy of whatever work in which my material is included - either electronic version or hard copy (mostly out of curiosity).

Every effort has been made to ensure the elimination of typographical errors - however sometimes I make mistakes just like the big boys. Astronomy and Sky and Telescope magazine routinely publish corrections and the publishers of science books often release errata - or corrections. If you see an error, please do not assume I am disseminating false information - let me know and I will correct it! I routinely browse the website looking for errors and correct them on the fly, so an error you noticed in the past may be corrected now.

A note regarding images:

  • All non-credited images are used from NASA, JPL, or other United States governmentally funded organization
  • Images from other sources are references accordingly
  • All diagrams and drawings are created by me unless indicated otherwise

Information of JPL's image policy can be found at the JPL website.

Advertising is welcome and are usually listed as advertisements. Advertising within text will be in italics with a link to the ad source. Advertisements that are not related to astronomy are NOT endorsed by Astronomy Online. It's an unfortunate way to earn money in today's economy.

I hope you enjoy Astronomy Online.

Ricky Leon Murphy

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