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Stars - Additional Resources

An Interactive H-R Diagram

Variable Stars are stars that fluctuate in brightness. Plotting these changes result in a light curve. The AAVSO has a database of light curves available for the amateur interested in Variable Star study.

Blue Stragglers are a new type of star discovered in globular clusters - they have their own website!
The Hubble Space Telescope Institute has put together a really nice animation of the black hole that sits at the core of Centaurus A.

Click on the image to view the video.

Black Hole stuff - Falling Into a Black Hole - what's it like?

Other great sites:


A quick refresher:

Type II Hydrogen Emission Lines
Type Ia Silicone Emission Lines - No Hydrogen Lines
Type Ib Helium Emission Lines - No Silicone or Hydrogen Lines
Type Ic No Helium, Silicone or Hydrogen Emission Lines


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