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How Astronomy Affects Our Lives

By Anna Johson

How does astronomy impact our daily lives? This is a question you can ask yourself various times. Astronomy involves the study of the universe and has been attributed to invention and discovery of different things we currently use.

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• Wireless Networks

Currently, you are enjoying wireless communication. You can send texts or call your friends and relatives who are miles away from you. But have you ever asked yourself how this came to happen? You can answer that.

This was due to astronomers who discovered the transfer of radio waves in wireless means. The discovery came about as Australian astronomers were using radio waves to study black holes. Even though they were not successful in locating a black hole, the study led to Wi-Fi networks.

The microchip used in the wireless transmission of radio waves is known in smartphones, laptops, and other devices that aid in easy access to the internet.

• Track Your Location

Suppose you don't know your location. All you need is to turn on your GPS, data connection, and open maps. By doing so, you will see where you are.

But how did GPS come into existence? Before the discovery of the global positioning system. In the early years' stars were used to know the location. Also, they aided navigation. But astronomers discovered that satellites could rotate on earth's orbit and help in mapping and navigation.

Now the GPS technology is in portable devices enabling users to know their locations in real-time.

• Memory Foam Mattress

You all enjoying quality sleep due to foam mattresses; before, there were no foam mattresses, but they came to be due to astronomers. The invention of memory foam mattresses was due to NASA. As they were designing the Apollo program, NASA hired Charles Yost, a North American Aviation engineer.

During this program, NASA led to the manufacture of a comfy mattress to make the travel with the spaceship comfortable. Yost was the brain behind the creation of memory foam, a material currently used in mattresses.

This material absorbs high energy and is soft.

• Metrology

Every day you get weather updates either on your mobile or from your preferable Tv station. How do they accurately predict the weather pattern? This all the work of astronomers who invented satellites that track weather patterns.

Whether it's wildfires, drought, or any other season they will inform meteorologists which weather pattern will be for up to five days. When you get to know the daily weather, you can wear appropriately or carry vital weather equipment.

• In Hospitals

Astronomy has also led to various discoveries in the health sector. Aperture synthesis is a technology developed by Martin Ryle and Nobel Laurate, both astronomers. This technique was used to create computerized tomography scanners (CT scans), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and many more medical imaging machines.

Other than the imaging tools, astronomy is applicable in the medical sector in detecting tumors, analysis of leukemia, manufacture of thermal sensors, and low-energy x-ray scan machines.

• Discovery of Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuels

Renewable energy is replacing fossil fuels, and that is with the help of astronomy. Also, astronomy is used in the discovery of fossil fuels too.

In renewable energy, it has helped in the development of solar radiation harnessing tools. They collect the sun's energy and convert it to mechanical energy before being turned to electrical energy. This is widely used in powering homes and cities all over the globe.

Fossil fuels have enabled quick analysis of core samples using interactive data language (IDL). This makes it easy to know if there is fossil fuel in a particular region.

• Manufacture of Space Shuttles

If it were not for astronomy, we couldn't have space shuttles. The space shuttles make it easy and fast to move from earth to the moon or other planets like Mars.


Some aspects of life could not have existed if not for astronomy, so, as you move and do your activities, remember to appreciate astronomers' role in life.

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