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How to download music from YouTube?

By Glen Lowe

YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms. This does not come off as a surprise, as it has the largest user base too. If your free time consists of watching videos from YouTube or surfing for new music on it; then you are one of the die-hard fans of this network.

Sometimes, there are a bunch of songs or podcasts that are not available in an audio version. They are just accessible on YouTube. If you are at home, in your comfort zone, then this might not be an issue. You have access to the internet and you can continue using YouTube online. However, the issue occurs when you have to step outside and you want that exact song to be playing the entire day or you want to listen to a podcast, as you drive to the office. What now?

Well, the solution is quite simple! You can easily downlad music from youtube, through a software or website that allows you to convert the video into MP3 version. You can easily save that version to your mobile phone and listen to it on the go!


1. Install a YouTube downloader:

There are amazing websites and softwares that allow you to convert a YouTube video into MP3. Find the best ones and install them.

2. Download the Song you want:

You can easily write down the song you want to download, in the search bar and see the results appear. Pick the video you want to convert. You can also listen to the song before you transform it, to ensure that you are choosing the right file. You can also copy and paste the URL of the video you want, from YouTube directly.

3. Download:

Click download and you will be able to save the videos as MP3. The software will automatically save the file in your download folder. If you want to download them separately, then you can click the download directory and change the location.

4. Transfer to your Phone if you wish:

Once done, you can now transfer the audio file to your phone or let it stay in your laptop (according to your need). They can be transferred to iTunes too. Simply drag and drop the file into iTunes. You can also transfer them to android phones easily.


YouTube is one of the best platforms, offering an array of videos, ranging from music to podcasts and from creative solutions to tutorials. But watching those videos on the go can be tough and is dangerous if you are driving or walking on the road. Thus, download music from YouTube and get an audio version of your favorite video to listen to, while you are on the go! Stay safe and manage everything side by side.

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