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In order to simplify my inbox, I created a single e-mail address to serve as the main contact for the website:

astro at

Feel free to contact us via e-mail if you have any Astronomy related question or any comments whatsoever. In addition, if you have any content, images, reference material or any other item you wish to share with everyone, you can also send it to the above e-mail address.

We will in no way spam you - however I just learned through unreachable addresses in my inbox that some parasite is using my e-mail to send spam. I cannot apologize for this lowlife for 'it' has no conscience. As I tell my friends and family: be careful of unfamiliar e-mails, especially ones that contain an attachment and/or request you click on a link to enter username and password information. Aside: banks and financial institutions DO NOT send account maintenance requests through e-mail. They only send statements if you request them, or contract updates and information. They will NEVER ask for login information.

E-mail is checked on a daily basis, but be patient as there may be a delay in answering questions - but I WILL answer them.

In addition, every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy with the information I provide, but mistakes and errors occur. If you see an item that requires correction, or you just wish to start a friendly debate, you can also send e-mail to the above address.

Remember: in science, the only silly question is the one that is not asked.

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