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5 Reasons to Get a Degree in Astronomy

By Thomas Moore

Studying astronomy and understanding the stars is one of the things many people dream about as children. The good news is that it is not only a dream. It is something one can choose to work with for the rest of their life and get money for it. If you are still unsure if astronomy is worth a shot, here are a few reasons to help you understand what a good choice you would make by getting a degree in this field.

Reason 1: You Get to Improve Peopleís Life

Not many people know that many things that we use every day came from astronomy. Think about the iPhone camera. One of the best mobile cameras out there today. The technology that was used to create it was initially developed for astronomical research. Another example is the Kodak film. It was initially developed to help astronomers study the sun. However, it also managed to revolutionize healthcare, the industrial sectors, and the arts. The technology that was used to design scanners like MRI and CAT, which save millions of lives every day, was initially developed by a radio astronomer. That being said, it is rather evident that many tools and discoveries that take root in astronomy have revolutionized the way people live. They boost the quality of life all around the globe, and they will, no doubt, continue to do so. And you can be a part of it.

Reason 2: You Get to Study the Big Questions

Astronomers get to study the unfathomable things, the things that lie beyond the Earth. As a study of celestial bodies, astronomy challenges its followers to think outside of the box and consider all the things that might lie beyond the line of imaginable, beyond the line of the known. As a study, it dives deep into physics, chemistry, evolution, meteorology, and many other sciences, which try to explain what the universe is all about. Studying astrology is a challenging undertaking. Students often have to demonstrate the most unconventional types of thinking when writing a cause and effect essay on astronomy or any other piece of work on this subject. Astronomy erases the line between reality and dream. The impossible things can be possible, and that is the very thing that makes it so unique and challenging.

Reason 3: You Get to Obtain Transferable Skills

Studying astronomy is not all about the stars. It is also a very practical solution for those who always want to have job prospects. Although getting a full-time job in astronomy is rather challenging due to competition, you can alter your curricula and find a loophole. Choose the courses that will allow you to gain a set of universal skills. It will open many doors and unlock many professions with relation to astronomy. As an option, with a degree in astronomy, you can work in the field of industrial research, public information, and even education. You donít just get to study why some stars look bigger than the others or why they twinkle. You also get to gain numerous problem-solving skills that are highly valued in the job market. Thatís why you will always have the option of redirecting your acquired skills into some other field of study or work.

Reason 4: The Field Is Diverse

While the study of astronomy has multiple applications, there are many studies within astronomy too. To be more specific, astronomers get to choose a niche they want to focus on, like galaxies, stars, or solar systems. Astronomers get to observe, come up with theories, and use various technologies to understand what secrets celestial bodies hide. Some astronomers only focus on building theories, creating simulations, and making hypotheses. At the same time, there are astronomers who focus on building tools that can make it easier to study and understand celestial bodies. Finally, there are professionals who focus on observing the universe and collecting data that can be further used to make discoveries.

Reason 5: Good Career Prospects

A degree in astronomy comes with a lot of career prospects. They vary in income and possible career paths. As graduates with such a degree, students can work as senior technical writers. This job requires good education and considerable background knowledge of specific subjects like astronomy. There is also the option to work as a college professor for those who want to share their passion for astronomy and are interested in the idea of working in education. Additionally, one can choose to be a planetarium director and spread information about the universe among the public. However, this job might also require some management skills and leadership qualities. It is even possible to work as a climatologist, a rare and unique profession not everyone gets to take up.

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