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5 Best Online Courses in Astronomy

By Thomas Moore

Astronomy refers to a branch of science interested in space, celestial objects like stars and planets, and the physical universe in its entirety. There has been an increased interest in life beyond earth. People want answers to questions like whether there is extraterrestrial life and what exists beyond our atmosphere. Thanks to ELearning, it is possible to learn more about astronomy and its sub-disciplines like physical cosmology, solar astronomy, and even astrophysics. Some people take these courses to expound on hobbies like stargazing while others are looking for answers and want to understand life better.

Whatever reason brings you to astronomy, you know that you want to learn more. To help you, here are five of the best online courses on astronomy that you should consider taking.

Astrophysics XSeries

This is not one course, but a set made up of four courses. It is designed and delivered by the Australian National University (ANUx). The four courses together make up ANUx's first-year astrophysics program. The four programs are:

  • Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe
  • Astrophysics: Exploring Exoplanets
  • Astrophysics: The Violet Universe
  • Astrophysics: Cosmology
The program is self-paced, but if you take two to four hours of classes every week, you can finish it in about ten months. The courses are delivered by great minds in astronomy and astrophysics, so you are sure you are getting top-notch instructions. You can find it on the online learning platform edX.

Astronomy: Exploring The Solar System

Have you ever been curious about our solar system? Have you asked yourself questions like how it came to be and where the edge is? This is a great introductory course for you if you are a beginner and want to understand more about the solar system. The instructors present you with factual and scientific information regarding the solar system. They will help you answer questions like what stars are, what moons are, and how the solar system came to be. At the end of the course, you will get a certificate you can show off to your friends. Even if you don't think you don't have time, their self-paced program will allow you to take the course at the pace you can handle so that you can quell your curiosity. You will find this course on Udemy.

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space

This is one of the most highly rated astronomy courses around. It is offered by the University of Arizona and is delivered on Coursera. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, they are definitely doing something right. If you are not knowledgeable about the astronomy field, don't worry. This course is beginner-friendly. In about 43 hours, you will learn about the most recent discoveries in the field. You will be introduced to concepts such as astrobiology, solar systems, and the theory of relativity. Once you are done with the course, you will earn a certificate that you can share with others and show off on your LinkedIn profile.

Astro 101: Black Holes

Coursera brings you another amazing course dealing with Black Holes. The course is offered by the University of Alberta and has a rating of 4.8 out of five stars. What are black holes anyway? How do they form? If they are black, how do you see them? Is a black hole a wormhole? All these questions and more will be covered on this course when you enroll for it. You can complete this course in about 18 hours, and while it is delivered in English, there are subtitles in various languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and French. Once complete, you will get a shareable certificate. Don't worry; the course is beginner-friendly. However, if you want an introduction to black holes before the course, consider using essay writers to get an introductory paper on them.

Backyard Astronomy An Introduction to StarGazing

Do you have a preferred stargazing location, or do you want to do it right in your backyard? This is a great course to take to make the best out of each stargazing session. Whether you want to use a telescope, binoculars, or your bare eyes, there is so much wonder in the sky. This course is designed to help you know what you are looking at. Learn to identify different celestial objects in the sky, the sky's movement, how to navigate the skies, and much more in 23 video lectures. What's more, you will also learn about the different types of binoculars and telescopes you can use. In about an hour and 20 minutes, you will have enough information to make that gazing star date with your loved one a fascinating and enjoyable experience.

There are many ways to evaluate the legitimacy of courses on the internet. Before paying for any course, do your due diligence to make sure that it teaches what you want to know and that it is taught by knowledgeable teachers.

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