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What Are The Best Astronomy Books?

By Timothy Miller

Not everyone has a chance to get into a spaceship and fly a million miles onto the moon or Mars. Yet, our mind is ever looking for the latest information and discoveries in space. The best spaceship to travel to the expansive universe is a book.


Astronomers have written some of the most amazing books on space. Other scientists and theorists are also writing on the same subject. You can get professional astronomy homework help while you read some of these amazing books.

Here is a list of the most amazing astronomy books to read for the minds that are curious about space.

The Backyard Astronomerís Guide


Every space enthusiast wishes he had a space lab in the backyard. Someone is helping you to set up one on budget. It will help you to explore the latest discoveries without spending a fortune on equipment or personnel.

The Backyard Astronomerís Guide was first written in 1991. It is now in its 4th edition. It explains what you can see in space, including with your naked eyes. If you want to buy a telescope, you will do it like a pro. It also captures the astronomical events to watch out for and how best to enjoy the experience. The comprehensive guide will appear to everyone, including the most experienced. It is written by Allan Dyer and Terence Dickinson.

The Disordered Cosmos

The book is famed for revealing what has been hidden from ordinary human beings for years. You will begin to see the world from the eyes of a scientist, thanks to Chanda Prescod Weinstein. It provides everyday experiences with physics, especially building your consciousness about the forces of nature.


Ask an Astronaut: My Guide to Life in Space

Who is best placed to describe space than a person who has been there? Peake answers the questions bothering the common man about space. He will tell you the smell of space, how it feels to walk in space, and the difference you would expect from an experience here on earth.

The book uses simple language for the everyday reader. It also describes experiences that the world has watched in the recent past. If you ever dreamt of going to space, this is the best way to prepare for the journey. It tops the list of the best astronomy books of the decade.


The End of Everything

It is not an apocalypse kind of a story. However, it describes what the world can expect on the day the universe will have to ultimately come to an end. Unlike in science-fiction movies, the end cannot be averted by any superhero. Dr. Katie Mack gives you five ideas of what to expect in those days. These ideas are based on science.

A lot of people have written on space. Some have written from imagination while others are researchers. Explore space from different dimensions using these thoroughly written titles.

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